6 Simple Ways to Encourage a Giving Spirit in Your Child

Giving back is a great way to show our kids how easy it is to be kind. It is also a good way to engage them in philanthropy at a young and impressionable age. Wellness is a lifestyle and studies show that philanthropy has positive effects on our well being....so giving back is a great way of living a life of wellness!!

Showing love and compassion to others builds good character and starting them young ensures (at least I’d like to think so) that they find a love and understanding for others from the get-go.

My kids have been involved in my diaper bank from day one. It started as a family project, and still is a family project. They have counted (great way to sharpen those math skills), sorted, and distributed.

Having a family give back project has shown my children that caring for others and trying to help others is a part of who we are. They understand how blessed they are and they truly want to help others that could use a hand up.

Giving Back, in whatever way you can, is so fulfilling. Here are some easy ways to instill that give back character with your kiddos:

1- 💕Choose a cause together and volunteer.

Maybe you'll pick the local pet rescue, homeless shelter, or Food Bank or something else entirely unique for your family.

2- 🎂Use birthdays as a way to collect books or diapers instead of toys and money.

3- 🇺🇸Make cards for the elderly, our troops, kids in local foster homes, first responders, or children in local hospitals.

4- 📚Clean out and donate gently used toys or donate gently used books to a Little Free Library.

5- 🚙Create compassion bags and have them in the car ready to give to the homeless.

6- 🏠And my favorite way to give back as a family is to join Kiwanis Club, a family friendly organization that starts in elementary school and offers opportunities to give all the way through college and adulthood.

It's an ideal way to give back while having fun, learning from others and developing a sense of pride for your community.

Start 'em young! With all of the research done of the power of giving and how it correlates to wellness, will you consider starting a family give back project?

I offer life purpose coaching and I'd love to help you find a purpose that your family is passionate about and start a give back project! Formerly, I offered this at Moms Give Back, but recently with the addition of wellness coaching, I have transitioned everything to Wellness Society.

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