19 Amazing uses for Cleansing Balm

This master multi-tasker has SO many uses!! From a facial mask to calming that frizz, cleansing balm offers so many different uses! Definitely the BEST product to have in your clean beauty arsenal. This balm is the bomb.

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm melts into your skin with a velvety smooth finish. It smells great and it can be used for so many other things! I am obsessed with this stuff! It is packed with Vitamin C and cranberry and raspberry seed oil to hydrate. This balm is the bomb! Updated with the NEW Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm info!

19 ways to use cleansing balm


  • Cleanser

  • Moisturizer

  • Overnight

  • Mask Eye

  • Cream Eye

  • Makeup Remover

  • Spot Treatment for Acne

  • Temporary Face Paint Remover

  • Highlighter


  • Hair Mask

  • Tame Frizz


  • Cuticle Cream


  • Shaving Cream

  • Soothe Sunburn

  • Brighten Tattoos

  • Temporary Tattoo Remover

  • Spot Treatment for Dry Skin

  • Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

  • Cracked Heels

  • Stretch Marks


  • It is TSA SafeReduce amount of products to carry when traveling

  • Vitamin C brightens and evens out skin tone Ready to give this balm a try? Get it here!

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