How to Overcome Burnout

Updated: Jan 16

Burnout can manifest itself differently in everyone. Keep in mind that burnout usually is happening before it is even visible to others. Understanding what it is and what it is not is step one. Recognizing how to prevent burnout and trying to get ahead {and stay ahead} of it are how you can overcome burnout for good.

Some of the tell tale signs of burnout are emotional and physical exhaustion, eating and sleeping pattern changes, negative feelings towards everything, one bad day after another and loss of joy and excitement. Understanding that there is not a solid set of symptoms that is the same for everyone is imperative to note when trying to figure out if it is burnout or something that may need medical attention. {And BTW, seek medical advice if you thin it is something else. ALWAYS trust your intuition}.

Understanding what burnout really is

It is typical to convince ourselves "I need a break" or "I need to get some rest" when we think we may be burnt out. But burnout does not just come from working too much or working too hard....

Burnout comes from putting energy into the wrong things, overcomplicating things and taking on the wrong things and it leads to overwhelm and frustration.

Burnout comes from being out of alignment.

Getting to the root cause of what lead to burnout in the first place is the only way to prevent it from happening again. Recognizing what it is that is triggering you to feel overwhelmed or frustrated will help you understand how to avoid it.

If you do not identify why you are feeling overwhelmed/frustrated then you will likely make the same choices and end up repeating the pattern of behavior that got you stuck in the first place. We become our Atomic Habits if you don't believe me.

Ask yourself these questions when you recognize that you are beginning to feel overwhelmed and/or frustrated:

Do I have too much on my plate?

If you are anything like me, you say yes- a lot. You want to do all the things, help all the people, solve all the problems...{you get the point}. But sometimes we take on the wrong things, do the wrong things and overwhelm ourselves because we don't say no enough.

Are my core values out of alignment?

If your core values are not in alignment with your work life or relationships, you could be suffering from an internal battle of values. You know that something is off but you choose to ignore it or downplay it.

Am I trying to control everything?

Our need to control everything is definitely a root cause of burnout. Trust me, I speak from experience on this one. I am a massive control freak. If I am ever starting to feel overwhelmed it is because of my self-imposed control freak driving the bus.

Am I taking care of myself?

Oh mama, take care of yourself. Work on YOU. Your mind, body and soul demand a little TLC and you MUST make YOU a priority or else it will catch up with you. Self-care doesn't have to be spa my previous post where I talk about self-care mini's.

Is the work I am putting in rewarding enough?

We thrive on reward. We love to see the fruits of our labor. But sometimes when there is no reward, we go harder and faster not realizing that the thing we are so focused on may be the wrong thing...or maybe we are doing it the wrong way. When we don't see the reward, we let it get us down...

Are my relationships healthy?

Out of guilt we tend to hold on to relationships that are not good for us. And sometimes when we are too close to the situation, we don't see it for what it really is, toxic.

Am I serving or selling?

Regardless of the line of work we are in, this is applicable. Coming from the perspective of a servant heart trumps the selling heart any day of the week. Serving is out of love (how can I help?). Selling is out of selfishness (what can I get in return?). This is a paradigm shift in perspectives, but it makes the world of difference when applied to work life.

Here are my personal tips to overcoming burnout

Self-care for the win

Practice self-care daily by prioritizing your mental, physical and spiritual wellness. I use the 20X3 Method to give myself a guaranteed hour everyday for ME. Sometimes I can even sneak in more time for reading.

Evaluate your relationships

If you are in unhealthy relationships, they are likely draining the joy from your life.

It is ok to cut off people from your life that drag you down, deplete your energy or suck the life from you. #sorrynotsorry

Managing your time wisely

I cannot stress this enough. Having a schedule and a plan for each day is the only way that I can get all. the. things. done. It is imperative for me to be able to function. I have kids, a job, a side hustle (hello Wellness Society), a non profit, and a start up. Not to mention that I volunteer at the kids school and once a month in the community. I have to plan every minute of my day and time blocking helps tremendously.

Plan your work and work your plan!

Reward yourself

Humans love to be rewarded. If we are putting in the work and not seeing the results, we can easily become discouraged. That leads to frustration. And from there, after doing the same things with no reward, we meet up with overwhelm. As you are making progress with your projects/work etc. reward yourself. Set milestones and when you hit them, treat yo'self!

Change your mindset

Having a growth mindset literally changes your perspective on life. Adapting to this can take time BUT it is worth the effort....a positive and growth mindset will help you see that with effort and persistence (on the right things) that all things are possible.

Develop your community service

As a huge advocate for community giving, I implore you to add this element to your life.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that giving is also good for the giver — boosting physical and mental health.

The best way to prevent and overcome burnout is to remember to G.R.O.W.

Give Back




I have found that focusing on serving others, building solid relationships (and letting go over toxic relationships), having a growth mindset (and reprogramming my thoughts), my well-being (my overall happiness-including my life's purpose), and nurturing my body with whole nutrition has helped me beat burnout and prevent it from resurfacing.

It is work...but so is anything worth having, so I make it a priority in my life. Letting go of control has {by far} been the hardest part of preventing burnout for me. But I have to say, it is liberating!

I'd love to hear from you if this helps you!

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