Jewelry that Changes Lives

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Can shopping for beautiful, hand crafted jewelry lift women out of poverty?

With Grace & Able it can! Shopping with purpose can literally create change in the lives of women all of the world.

Anyone that knows me knows that Ghandi's quote

"Be the change you wish to see in the world..."

is the motto of my life and the driving force behind WHY I do what I do.

That single sentence is what brings my PURPOSE to life every single day. And it has been what pushes me forward for years.

On my social entrepreneurial journey, I am always looking for other social entrepreneurs that are making an impact on society and that are paving new paths.

A few months ago I found Emma, founder of Grace and Able, a social enterprise in Australia that is dedicated to empowering women in other countries and to change the lives of these women through the art of jewelry making.

And OH-EM-GEE the pieces that they make are beyond gorgeous.

By #shoppingwithpurpose WE are making a difference in the lives of others!

Grace and Able is an accessory brand that is ending poverty through creative business solutions. Truly #usingbusinessasaforceforgood !

Their purpose (another word that is part of my core values and mission) is to equip, enable and empower people through the creation of jobs and opportunity.

Every purchase generates income and creates a powerful path out of poverty.

Their artisans are in Sri Lanka, China, India, Kenya and Uganda.

When you #shopwithpurpose through Grace and Able, you are actually being the change. You are taking action and creating change for these artisans. Better you, better world!

Grace and Able was inspired by the same quote I am and they advocate for "Wear the Change" because "We're the Change". I LOVE THAT. The packaging alone has me in awe "Be the change" is literally written all over it.

Each woman's story is attached to each piece that she made. This simple gesture of sharing the story of these women really brings the art to life. By empowering other women, Emma is blazing a trail in the social enterprise world. You can learn about the artisans here.

By shopping with retail social enterprises, we are furthering their mission and by shopping with Grace and Able, we are helping to lift these women up and out of poverty.

These pieces are gorgeous, hand crafted and very light weight. They go with everything too!

Grace and Able is ending poverty one piece of handmade jewelry at a time. You should definitely check them out! Making better shopping choices ultimately leads to a better world.

Follow Grace and Able on Instagram and follow Emma, the founder-she's pretty inspiring!

Do you know of a #socialenterprise that is blazing new trails with their products?

PLEASE share with me!! I would love to feature them in The Market!

Let's connect!

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