Living a Life with MORE Purpose

Living a life with more purpose starts with showing up and being present-in the moment. Actively choosing to participate in the NOW! You will never get the moment back, so why not enjoy this time and soak it all in? Be present in this moment.

Here are my suggestions for living a life with more purpose...5 things you can implement everyday!

Be Intentional

With everything that you do, in all aspects of your life:

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Your Attitude

  • Committments

  • Career

  • Personal Self-Care

Setting intentions is powerful. It can even help to hold yourself accountable.


  • I will go to church on Sundays

  • I will have less screen time and play with the kids

  • I will choose to be happy everyday

  • I will commit and I will NOT commit (we need to learn to say NO sometimes!)

  • I will work hard, work smart and give it my all, everyday

Keep a Gratitude Journal // Create a Gratitude Practice

This may not be for everyone, but writing down the little things that we are grateful for everyday really puts things into perspective.

Being thankful and grateful is a mindset that we need to have daily-not just around the holidays. By keeping a gratitude journal, you really get an appreciation for every part of your life.

If a journal is not your thing, then get the FREE Gratitude app in the app store. This app lets you express what you are thankful for, write gratitude letters, create affirmations and it even gives you some daily zen!

READ more

Read anything.

Never stop learning.

I like to read self help books, personal growth books, health and wellness books, business books, fictional stories...anything....just keep reading-it is a nice escape but also great for keeping you sharp!

Some of my absolute favorite books are:

It's All Under Control

Think and Grow Rich

Dear Universe

The magic Path of Intuition

Master the Game

Present Over Perfect

The Four Agreements

The Secret

The Great Gatsby

The Master Key System

To Kill A Mockingbird

I could go on and on.....

Give Back

Anyway that you can. It is proven to be good for you too!

  • Time- Volunteering with local charities, animal shelter, non profit events

  • Financially- donate to causes that are near and dear to your heart

  • Donating items- clean out toys, clothes, blankets and donate them

  • Shopping with Purpose through companies that have a social impact

Look at the positive in everything

Consciously making a choice to be happy, see the positive and share the good will improve your mindset.

And your positivity will rub off on others!!

I signs all over my office that encourage this and remind me...

"Think Happy Thoughts"

"Live in the Moment"

"Be Happy"

"Enjoy the little Things"

"Give Thanks"

and a few others....create some or buy some and put them where you will see them often!

Bonus:Be More

  • Be more creative

  • Be more confident

  • Be more happy

  • Be more assertive

  • Be more organized

  • Be more spontaneous

  • Be more loving

  • Be more fun

Want the FREE guide to implementing these 5 steps? Drop me a line!

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