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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Did you know that the average person has an estimated 70,000 thoughts per day?! Take a moment to digest that….and to think about the thoughts that run through your mind everyday.

Are they positive and uplifting? Like “Today is going to be an amazing day!”

Or are they negative and self-defeating? Like “I don’t have the energy to get through today.” Its normal to have both, we are only human BUT we can try to create MORE positive thoughts…we need to optimize our outlook because it affects every area of our lives.

These thoughts that run through our heads everyday directly impact our outlook on life. These thoughts will lay the groundwork for the day ahead.

These thoughts are the blueprint for our life.

During my coronavirus breakdown, I was caught in these negative thought patterns that were causing my outlook on life to be dim. I know better, but I was so lost and so scared of the “what if's”. And as you know, getting caught up in the "what if'"s is a dangerous place to be.

The news was NOT helping me. In fact, headline stress disorder is a real thing and can cause anxiety, stress and a dim outlook on life and even damage to your gut health. It took a lot of meditation, turning off the news and shutting down social media for a while (with the exception of work related things) and a commitment to myself to get back to my positive outlook. This was so important for my mental health because a positive outlook boosts our mood, our spirit, and it generates even more positivity and happiness in our lives. And we all could use that right now.

Conversely, a pessimistic outlook creates a domino effect of negativity. Our thoughts tremendously affect how we live our lives and how others perceive us…and the fear of judgement can take on a whole life units own.

The good news is, we don’t have to live with negative mental chatter and a negative outlook on life.

We get to choose to change the mental channel and create a positive outlook.

It takes practice, and trust me- I know from personal experience, but with enough intention and practice and developing good habits, your mind will naturally gravitate toward positive thoughts and a positive outlook and when the negative creeps in {because hey, we are only human} we are better able to handle it.

Here are some practical ways to practice cultivating a happy outlook.…

First, let me start with some things we should let go of:


Bashing yourself takes a toll on your health. When you hear negative self-talk, say “cancel, cancel" or "cancel, delete,” and replace it with a positive comment to condition yourself to be kind to yourself.

Like: I am enough, I can do hard things. I am brave. I am strong. You get the pict


Replace beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore with uplifting, supportive thoughts. Basically just create an opposite belief. Change “I cant do this” to “I CAN do anything”.


While it’s easy to want what others have, comparing yourself is like discarding everything you’ve got going for you at this very moment. Admiration is awesome, as it’s often a reflection of the great things we want for ourselves. We need to learn to distinguish between admiration and comparative self-judgment. So if that IG account you follow is killing your outlook and self-esteem, UNFOLLOW. ASAP.


If you want different results, do things differently. Make small changes consistently and they’ll add up and transform your life. While change can be scary, it is crucial to self-evolution; so try not to resist it. These small habits build on each other and over time create massive shifts.


I'm sure you've heard- it’s nice to be right, but it’s nicer to be happy- it's true.

The ego is the biggest problem we all have. And its the hardest to tame.

Now here are the things that we should learn to hold on to:


Even when you think you don’t have it all, focus on what you have today. Keep a gratitude journal and write down three-five things you’re grateful for each day.


Make a conscious effort to strut! Even when you’re feeling down and discouraged, stand tall and smile! Posture affects your mood; make it work in your favor. And live in your purpose every day!


People who are vibrating on a positive frequency will keep you grounded, inspired, and connected to your greater purpose. They’ll help you believe in yourself, too. Your vibe attracts your tribe….remember that!


Take time to reflect, meditate, or simply make quiet time for yourself. Clear your mind and let physical tension melt away…meditation is great for this! There is SOOOO much science behind it too!


Uplift someone else by doing something kind and notice how it impacts your mood and energy.

Here are some simple daily habits that we can implement to optimize our outlook on life. These have helped me get out of my funk and back to being happy and grateful and not living in fear and dwelling on the “what ifs.”

  • Start with a good, deep night’s sleep everyday (like REM sleep) no phone an hour before bed and don't eat a few hours before bed.

  • Choose to live each day happily- wake up and declare your happiness.

  • Make time for yourself daily- try my 20X3 method (we will actually get into this in episode 7)

  • Practice gratitude (use a gratitude journal or a free app)

  • Try segment intending in the mornings (set your intentions for how your day will play out)

  • Move your body and activate those feel good endorphins- yoga & tabata are my faves

  • Learn to forgive and let go of bitterness and resentment (it is liberating!)

  • Stay connected to those good relationships and let go of the toxic ones

  • Give to others whenever you can in whatever capacity you can

  • Focus on solutions, not problems

  • Hum or sing a happy song daily or listen to your fave song/artist (hey there John Mayer!)

  • Offer thanks before and after meals

  • Turn off the news

  • Set down time on social media

We can all create a positive outlook and wonderful environment around us by trying to implement these habits daily! You can download my worksheet to help you track your new daily habits!

Remember! “happiness is an inside job”.

Our level of happiness is more often in direct relationship to how we think about our life rather than our actual life circumstances.

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